Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Eatzeez?

      Eatzeez is a new locally owned and operated food delivery service.

      When is Eatzeez available?

         Eatzeez is available Mon-Sat 11 am – 9 pm.  Closed on Sunday.

        Where is Eatzeez available?

          Eatzeez is available anywhere in Union County, Georgia.  Eatzeez will be adding new locations to neighboring areas soon.

          How do I use Eatzeez?

            Go to and choose from our list of fantastic local restaurants.  Place your order online and sit back, relax…know that Eatzeez is on the way.

            Is there a minimum amount required to place an Eatzeez order?  

            Each restaurant order must meet the minimum $20.00 order.  

              How much does Eatzeez cost?  

                The fee is 30% of your order.  So, for the $20.00 minimum your fee is $6.00.

                Will Eatzeez deliver food from multiple restaurants?  

                   Yes! Eatzeez does not limit you to only ordering from one location, but you must meet the $20.00 minimum from each restaurant where an order is placed.

                  Can I schedule a future order?

                    Yes!  You can place an order and designate delivery “ASAP” or designate a specific time you would like your Eatzeez order delivered.

                    Should I tip my driver?  

                     Tips are not required, but appreciated!  If our service exceeds your expectations, please feel free to tip your driver.