What to Do If Your Restaurant Or Bar Has Closed During the Initial Opening Period

Restaurants and bars in Manhattan will most often open up over dead or alive 2. Each stage will have different standards based on seating/dining combinations, staffing levels, and established protocols.

Currently, restaurants and bars are generally required to follow the following reopening protocol:

Updating rules and regulations: New York State has issued specific rules and regulations for all types of restaurants and bars. These rules must be adhered to for every restaurant and bar, even if it is owned by a private entity. Restaurant owners are responsible for meeting these rules at the outset of opening a restaurant or bar. Any subsequent changes to these rules and regulations must be approved by the New York Department of Health.

Open: Once the rules and regulations have been in effect for at least four weeks, a restaurant or bar can start serving its customers. This is referred to as the "open" period. This is also known as the start of "reopening".

Re: Cleanup Fees: Restaurants must be cleaned on a regular basis. This includes cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, and floors; sanitizing sinks, refrigerators, and utensils; cleaning countertops and tables; vacuuming windows and doors; and wiping down tables. A bar manager can make agreements with his or her staff concerning the frequency that they clean the bar area.

Re: Menu: During the "open" period, a restaurant or bar owner can change the menu. This is known as the "reopening period". However, the restaurant or bar should always follow the new menu during this time.

Re: Re-Bar: When a restaurant or bar reopens, the bar manager should immediately begin advertising, hiring, and firing staff. A bartender should never be dismissed from the bar without any prior warning. The bartender is the person who serves customers in the restaurant or bar. He or she should be made aware that the restaurant or bar will be open.

Re: Inspection: Once the restaurant or bar reopens, a restaurant owner will be responsible for cleaning the restaurant or bar's equipment, walls, appliances, and floors. Any problems that have been discovered during the inspection period should be repaired or cleaned at this point. It is the responsibility of the manager to hire a company that will provide this service at the earliest opportunity after the restaurant or bar is open.

Re: Refunds: When a restaurant or bar reopens, all food that has been purchased should be refunded. Restaurants or bars cannot refuse customers based upon whether or not they want a refund. Refunds are also not allowed if a restaurant or bar finds that there were not enough tables available at the time of the reopening for people to eat at.

Re: Hours of Service: A restaurant or bar's hours of operation must be consistent. with the city ordinances of the city in which it is located. If a restaurant or bar has two separate locations, each location must operate the same hours of operation.

Re: Patrons: During the opening and reopening periods of a restaurant or bar, the owner of the restaurant or bar should ask their patrons about the quality of food, drinks, service, and cleanliness of the restaurant or bar. The staff at the establishment should respond promptly and courteously to all questions. Customers should feel comfortable in the restaurant or bar atmosphere. All complaints should be answered in a timely manner.

Restaurant and bar hours can be changed without the approval of the New York Department of Health. In addition, a restaurant or bar can open for business before the opening date of the state law requires. A restaurant or bar can't be closed for health violations until the restaurant or bar is re-opened.